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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Some quotes to illustrate the humor of The Man with the Golden Arm

Looking for a few good, illustrative passages from Nelson Algren's The Man with the Golden Arm (1949) to give a sense of the flavor and originality of NA's writing about the life among the downtrodden on the West Side of Chicago. Here's one from memory: " 'I hope I break even tonight,' the sucker says. 'I need the money.'" Others found at random: " 'That's what I'm trying to tell , he's one big stink' t'in.' ' Don't say stink'in thing,' Frankie had suggested. 'Say reekin' t'ing.' " Or: "The diplomas hung about the waiting room, just high enough to make reading difficult, were mostly grammar-school graduation certificates. The only course Big Boy had completed was the one offered by the House of Correction." Or: " ' Each person has his own color.' .., Big Boy's own special color was the hard cold green of ten-dollar bills. ' What's my color?' Sophie asked. 'Turk-woiz blue. You can feel something, can't you?' 'Yeh, I feel somthin.' It was his right hand growing moderately bold as hie break grew warmer. 'My husband takes care of that angle,' Sophie told him quietly. ..." Or this aphorism: "A man who's ashamed of his racket is a man who's ashamed of his mother." Or: "'You read books?' 'No.' 'I do. Sex books. Intellectual sex books like Strange Woman. She has this guy, that's the sex. They get married, to that makes intellectual.' " Or, finally, another from memory: "' I walked into six or seven bars today, and in ever one, a guy bought me a drink.' 'The same guy?' "

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