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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


In ch 2 of Flaubert's Sentimental Education we meet Federico's best friend and learn how they had each other's back while in school. Now that F, the younger of the 2 has graduated they find themselves uneasily on uneven footing: F is fairly well off or at least he can live as if that's so and he can be more cavalier about his preparation for a career in law. His friend has toil diligently at a clerkship in an out-of-the-way locale - but he kindly and magnanimously support F in his dreams. Then, we see F settle into the academic life of Paris - as he loses interest in the law and is dangerously close to becoming a dilettante. He makes a number of academic/artistic/political friends, one of whom helps F get an invitation to Arnoux's house - which can both open some doors to the artistic circles in Paris and, more important to F, can lead to an introduction to mme Arnoux - the exotic woman who appeared to him like a vision. He ridiculously decides to become an artist and spends an evening in her thrall - so much so that he completely and conveniently forgets another social obligation- his best friend is moving to Paris and has stopped by to visit. F abandons him - a sign of his social recklessness when under the spell of mme arnoux.

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