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Friday, October 28, 2016

Some confusion about Daniel Deronda and an extremely selfish character

I'm going to have to go back and re-read part of an early chapter because I'm not sure about the time sequence in Daniel Deronda - I know that the lead character, Gwendolen, after wasting time and $ at the roulette table gets a message from her mother back in England that the family finances are ruined, and she takes off by train for home. Then we're in a chapter where Gwendolen and her mother (and 4 younger sisters who seem entirely peripheral) move into a house with their in-laws, including a young woman Gwendolen's age and two brothers also near her age and potential suitors, though the families don't want that to happen. She seems much younger, though, in these scenes and I wonder if this is a flashback to an earlier family re-location? In any event, these scenes establish Gwendolen as self-centered, selfish young woman: She opines that she'd love to ride horses, and uncle, who will now be supporting this additional family of 5 or so on his income as a parish priest, demurs, fearing he can't afford a horse for her, he offers a pony, but she says she detests ponies, and so forth - she has not a clue about the family circumstances and not a care about the needs of others and not a bit of gratitude for the family taking her in; she will get what's coming to he, no doubt.

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