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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blog post #2,500 - and about elliotsreading

I believe this to be post #2,500 on the elliotsreading blog, and to my knowledge I have not missed a day in the nearly 7 years since I began this project (there may have been a day when I was off the grid in California and the post never made it from my phone to the Internet). My goal has been to write every day about what I'm thinking about what I'm reading - for my own benefit (it's made me a better reader for sure) and for anyone else who might enjoy access to the consciousness of a fellow reader. I've tried not to hurt anyone's feelings, and not to bruise anyone's fragile ego. What this blog is not: it's not "writing" (these posts are all brain dumps, written quickly, without consulting a text and without revision except on minor points, though yes I do sometimes check authors' names and things like that); it's not literary criticism (again, not sourced, referenced, analyzed, revised, or considered part of a larger system or scheme), not reviews (occasionally I will give away key plot points; I'm not necessarily looking to evaluate or rate anyone's work; not interested in take-downs; among contemporary book I read only what I like and will abandon or ignore other works); it's not broad in scope - I read almost exclusively fiction, and poetry occasionally, but not much nonfiction or memoir. To those of you who follow this blog or check it regularly - thanks for being there, wherever you may be!, and your comments are always welcome (the blogspot format is a little weird, with the text saying "no comment" - simply meaning none have been posted, not that none are welcome). I hope to keep going w/ this blog for as long as I'm reading! Meanwhile, sometime in the next few months I'm thinking about pulling together an ibook or ebook of 25 posts from the first 2,500, including the post that launched a thousand term papers.

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