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Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Lispector difffers from Lucia Berlin

To give a further idea of the short, very short in fact, stories by Clarice Lispector, the 3 of I read last night told of: an 80+ woman who still has strong sexual desires and consults a doctor about what to do about these unfulfilled desires, he says "that's life," and she goes home and masterbates; a woman who moonlights as an exotic dancer gets into a bitter rivalry with a transgender woman over the affections of a handsome customer; young woman has her leg amputated on the eve of marriage and family encourages fiance to proceed w/ marriage because she has not long to live in any event.
These are each brief, dark, sexual melodramas told with some some humor and attitude - in fact the sharp edge of Lispector's tone, with more than a few references to her own uncertainties as a narrator - sometimes suggesting she can't remember the "facts" of her stories so is making things up as she goes - reminded me at times of Lucia Berlin's stories, but w/ this big difference: with Berlin, her stories seem to be a repeated attempt to tell her life story in different phases and guises, while w/ Lispector we learn little or nothing about the writer herself - these are tales she's heard, read of, or invented, some very extreme, in which she plays no role except as the narrator, the chronicler, and the story-teller.

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